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Miami – Local Attractions


Jungle Island is the most hands-on animal experience that you will ever encounter when you take their VIP tour. Hold a baby Kangaroo, play with the Lemurs, and feed an alligator. Stroll through the mile of trails looking for some of the over 300 beautiful birds. Visit the Liger, the world’s largest cat. The Liger is a cross between a Lion and a Tigress, this is one huge kitten.

Explore the mystery of Coral Castle. Open the 9-ton gate that opens with just a push of the finger or sit in a functioning rocking chair made entirely of stone. Ed Leedskalnin dedicated his life to building this castle made with 1000 tons of stone. It is still unknown today how Ed moved these huge stones, was is science or supernatural. The only thing that Ed would say was ”it’s not hard if you know-how”.

Vizcaya Museum and Garden was once the winter home to American businessman James Deering in the early 1900s. Tour the 34 decorated bedrooms, the dining room, library, and living room which are all decorated with the historical furniture Deering brought back from Europe combined with those made especially for the estate. Explore the gardens and grounds filled with sculptures and fountains.

Swim in the Venetian Pool, created in 1923 this pool was built in an old rock quarry. The pool is filled daily with 820,000 gallons of water from an artesian well. Swim under the grand waterfall, have lunch on the island, and check out the grotto, where the 12-foot deep cave goes back underneath the rocks.


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