Keep your Camper Van Safe and Track Your RV

When deciding whether to rent out your own RV or camper there are many things to consider and can be a bit worrisome. Who is actually renting your RV? Where will they be going? What if they break down? What if the RV gets stolen? And so many more questions. Being in the RV rental business for over 20 years, there are a few tricks of the trade that you learn along the way. An important one is that you always want to be able to track your RV is.

Why would you want to track your RV? For a number of reasons:

  • To provide support should anyone break down or become lost;
  • To ensure your RV can be found if stolen;
  • and Peace of mind.
That’s why we recommend the WhereSafe GPS tracking device. It’s incredibly easy to install and comes with a number of features that we love.

A few top features include:

Real Time Mapping:

The real-time mapping allows you to view both current and past vehicle locations on a big dynamic map taking away the worry of where your vehicle may be or where it may be going. You’ll be able to see the routes driven and the stops that are made. And this can all be viewed from either your desktop or mobile device (yes there’s an app for that!) or anywhere that has internet access so that you can be enjoying a vacation while your RV is making you some extra cash to pay for said vacation.


If you’re thinking that always logging into your account to check what’s happening with your camper can be a bit of a pain, fear not! You can set up notifications based on whatever worry you may have.
  • Set geofencing entry/exit alerts so you know when a vehicle enters/exits a boundary you set.
  • Ignition on/off so you know when your RV is about to be on the move.
  • Excessive speeding so you know if things are getting out of control
  • Power disconnect so you know when/if the device is being tampered with
  • Alarm trip so that you have the ability to recover your RV if it gets stolen
  • And a low battery alarm so that your device stays up and running

The Device:

The device itself is small, compact and the battery lasts forever. At 10000 mAh, the battery can last up to 2 months on standby, or 1 month with average daily driving. This GPS tracker sleeps when the vehicle is not in motion and updates every 8 hours. When it starts to move, you get regular updates every 2 minutes.

What more could you want to settle your mind and rest assured your camper van is being taken care of. Pop over to WhereSafe to purchase your WhereSafe GPS device to track your RV today.


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