Travel US: Why an RV is the Best Way to See the US

Rent an RV for the best way to experience this sprawling nation. The US is filled with stunning landscapes, bustling cities, spectacular beaches, coastlines, prairies, everything in between and so much more! With an RV rental, you have endless opportunities for lakeside camping, the flexibility and convenience to you desire to explore this massive nation. Here is a list of the top reasons why a road trip in an RV is the best way to travel the US!

1. It's Big!!

The US is the 3rd biggest country in the world! To travel the span of the US is 3, 500 miles. That is at least 52.5 hours of pure driving time! Now that is a road trip! And, a huge area to explore, escape, and discover! With that much time spent in your adventure mobile, aka RV rental, you will want to be in a reliable, safe, and comfortable vehicle. Exploring a country this big gives to lots of room to find your space!

2. Lakeside Camping

With lakes aplenty, approximately 120, 000!! There are thousands (literally) of options to camp lakeside. Is there anything more relaxing than waking to fresh air, sunshine, and the iconic sounds of birds in their natural paradise? And, what better way to do it than with your hotel on wheels. Park where services are offered and have all the convenience of home or park in whatever remote US paradise you choose! Check out these 9 Refreshing Lake Camping Experiences for lakeside camping.

3. Flexibility

RV USA for the thrill of being able to stop, pull over and take in the sights, hikes, animal viewing opportunities, and who knows what other exciting options. Take the time to travel the US in 2020. The last thing you want when there is an amazing lookout coming up is to be tethered to a schedule. While the whole journey will keep you enthralled with amazing views of lakes, mountains, and grasslands, you don’t want to miss that special spot! The only way to have complete control over all the possibilities on your US vacation is in the freedom of an RV. With options nationwide park where you want, sleep when you need to and be the boss of your US RV holiday.

Additionally, enjoy the flexibility of a large variety of campsite facilities. With some larger, privately run sites offering extra resort-like facilities such as cafés, swimming pools, and shops. Or, get a nature-focused experience at most of the National Park campgrounds. Most campgrounds will offer the sale of firewood, and washrooms. And, many but not all will have electrical hook-ups and filling/dumping stations for water and waste.

Or drive up that intriguing road you see and find a private paradise to camp. The choice is yours!

4. Take Roads Less Traveled

The quickest route from destination A to B is usually via the highways. But if you get off the main roads there’s so much more to see. So, to truly experience the US doing it in an RV gives you plenty of time to take that road that piques your interest. Potentially, find the nicest campsite you have ever seen! And if not, the journey is part of the adventure. Maybe you just find a nice place, beside a misting waterfall to stop for your picnic lunch before you continue your exploration of this huge country.

Looking for a little inspiration to get off the beaten track! Check out the Roadtrippers website. Just enter your start and finish destination and this website will tell the coolest stops along the way!

5.Room for gear

America offers a plethora of Adventure Touring options J But seriously, from ruggedly amazing heights with jaw-dropping scenery, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, biking, you name it we got it, and it is epic! But with that said the RV offers you extra space for you to pack everything to explore and adventure across the US properly. Load up the canoe and store the lifejackets, worry-free. And, don’t forget the floaties, yard games, and playing cards!

6. The US wilderness

There is no better way to feel like one with nature than a camping adventure. With more spectacular camping spots than you could explore in a lifetime, your options for adventure are endless. Whether you are looking for nice plush KOA Campgrounds or going for a more rugged approach an RV can take you there. Enjoy the satisfaction of sitting beside a crackling fire, breathing in the fresh air, and taking in the twinkling stars before tucking into bed after a fulfilling day.

7. Save Money

We all like to save a little dinero when we can, and usually it's at the sacrifice of something. But, not in this case! On an RV road trip, you will see so much more! You will save money on hotels, airfare, taxi’s, and have the joy of cooking where ever you set up. Load the RV up with snacks, yummy lunches and you will save $100s. This also means eating dinner in some pretty gorgeous places. Getting out into the wilderness usually means cost-free fun

8. The Experience

Spend quality time with your companions, sing your favorite driving songs, and tell jokes and stories around the campfire. Stop and eat poutine at every restaurant you desire and lose cell reception in idyllic places. Meet fellow travelers, people of all ages, and backgrounds! Get lost, take a new route, and take in the scenery. Eat stores beside the crackling fire before you tuck in for the night, making memories like this are priceless. This is the time to do you.

9. Camping is an all-ages activity

These priceless memories camping in an RV is an experience the whole family can enjoy. From young kids to grandparents, and all ages in between everyone can enjoy taking in the wonders of The US. At every age, one can appreciate nature, wildlife, gaze in amazement at waterfalls, and feel small in the shadow of a mountain. An RV offers the next level of comfortability and enjoyability so the whole family can partake.

10. Different Climates

With such a huge country and variety of landscapes; from deserts to mountains, to the coasts you are going to drive across different temperatures and weather. You will need different gear and clothes for a variety of climates across the US. The raincoat you may need in Oregon will be packed neatly away while you are sunbathing in the warm Arizona sun. The sundress you wear in hot, humid California will be different than the sweater you need to explore the East Coast lighthouses! Even within each State exists different microclimates, so you will want to come prepared.

11. An Abundance of National Parks to Explore

Buy a US Park Pass, aka The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Pass, and have access to over 2000 federal rec sites across the country. Explore the parks nationwide! Affordably, the pass pays for itself in a little as seven days and grants faster entry to these magical places. Kids under 15 are free! One year, one pass, thousands of opportunities! A National Park tour would make a great summer holiday. National Parks are a refuge for animals! So, take in mountain goats and big-horned sheep in the mountains, or the wild gophers in Prairies, wherever you are, enjoy the protected nature of America’s National Parks. Don’t miss the free entrance days. Mark your calendar with these days to have free admittance to all National Parks.

Check out this article for a guide to Denali National Park in an RV.

12. Have the opportunity to recharge

Take technology sabbatical. An RV adventure is an ideal time to take a break from your phone, computer. Reconnect with nature, your friends, family, or yourself. A holiday is a great time to relax, take a break, and being outside in nature is the best way to do it! Spend days on the beach, go for a hike, chase waterfalls, and escape the everyday pressures of life. Unplug and give yourself a chance to recharge.

13. Enjoy the cuisine in each State

With your kitchen on wheels make the cuisine reflect each State while traveling the US. On the East Coast eat fresh lobster, and fish and chips. Grill fireside steak with fresh Montana beef or fish for your dinner on the West Coast. Hit farmer's markets to see food in different areas indulge in the almonds, avocados, and fresh California Fruit and peel into juicy Florida oranges. Find America’s food culture in your kitchen on wheels, with each State offering its own specialties.

The only way to have complete control over all the possibilities on your US vacation is in the freedom of an RV. With options nationwide park where you want, sleep where you want, make your dreams a reality and be the boss of your US RV holiday.

If you are looking for places to stop along the way, check out these great National Parks.