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RVing in 2020

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

With lots of time at home right now, it is the perfect opportunity to plan your dream U.S. road trip! With each state offering a different climate, scenery, and adventure, rent an RV and get ready to explore one of the most spectacular nations in the world. RVing in 2020 will bring brighter days filled with adventure, gorgeous sceneries and making memories to last a lifetime. Read on, for our top reasons why an RV vacation may be exactly what you need for the upcoming summer and fall of 2020.

road trip open road to mountains
Experience the open road and stunning mountain scenery. Photo Credit: Joris Beugels, Unsplash


In a time of such great uncertainty, it can be challenging to make travel plans. But, rest assured our RVs are the safest way for your family to enjoy a vacation in 2020. Our entire fleet of RVs are meticulously cleaned and sanitized for every use. With a fleet of over 750 RV’s, excellently maintained, we will find one to fit your needs and budget. With the option of contact-free pickup and drop off you can still have the road trip of a lifetime while keeping yourself and family safe. Also, we offer cancellation insurance to ensure you are protected if anything changes.

American flag - support USA
Photo Credit: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

Think Local

RVing in 2020 is a great way to contribute back to our country. What better way to help give our economy a boost then exploring our great nation. In the coming days, we want to think not only about safety but about benefiting our economy and supporting our local American businesses. An affordable and safe option, an RV road trip in 2020 is a great way to adventure, take in the scenery and give back.

Potential Travel Bans

Uncertain times and ongoing travel restrictions won’t prevent you from enjoying a family RV vacation. It is unknown how international travel will proceed through the rest of 2020. With that said, we all deserve a little fun, relaxation, and adventure. With kids out of school, planning an RV vacation for August or September would give you something to look forward to, without the worry of lingering travel bans affecting your plans.

Get Outside

When it is time to get out and about again, the sunshine and fresh air will feel so good. This summer, enjoy quality time with your family cruising the open road and exploring the great outdoors. Rent an RV and plan hikes, biking tours and evenings next to a crackling campfire under the stars. Explore America and find hidden gems, pristine places, and make memories of a lifetime.

RV to Mountain scenery
Photo Credit: Mark Mialik, Unsplash

Summer Holiday Season is Coming

While you may have thought of airplanes for your 2020 vacation, RVing in 2020 is a great alternative. By the time summer rolls around, we will all deserve a much-needed vacation! Spend the time now planning your upcoming road trip! Whether you want to explore the California coast or the Arizona Red Rock what better way than an affordable, safe adventure in an RV rental.

Through this uncertain time, we are looking brightly towards the future and the many epic RV adventures you and your family may undertake in 2020. For that reason, we will remain open and active during this time. Feel free to contact our reservation specialists at any time. We are happy to help you plan your 2020 RV road trip and to celebrate our great nation.


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RVing Washington State National Parks

RV Rental at the Burner Festival 2020

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Start Planning Now 

An RV rental is the ideal home for the Burning Festival! Experience art and community, as the Nevada desert is transformed into the Black Rock City. An RV rental will offer the comforts of home and protection from the elements. But, start planning now to experience the RV adventure of a lifetime at Burner Festival 2020.

Burning Man RV Camping
An RV is the perfect home base for your Burner experience!
Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Kyle Harmon

Pre Book an RV

With 70 000 people attending the festival, RVs are a hot commodity! With this in mind, we recommend booking soon! You don’t want to show up and have no RV!

We suggest booking the RV for a couple of days prior to and after the actual festival dates. This gives you time to get fully packed and prepared with time to drive and explore.

Also, August 30 is a Sunday and many RV rental locations may be closed!

Make sure you get Tickets

Tickets go on sale in segments until August 5th. Get all the info on dates, prices and amount of tickets sold here.

FYI: You cannot buy tickets at the gate and the event has sold out in the past.

Here are the dates of all the ticket sales:

Burning Man Ticket Info
Ticket dates and sales
Photo Credit:

At each ticket release, you can only buy 2 passes and 1 vehicle pass.

Make sure you buy a vehicle pass! Otherwise, you will not be able to drive your RV rental into the festival. The cost is $140 plus taxes.

Be aware, you cannot just log on and buy tickets! You must first make a profile and register before tickets go on sale. This will require all your current info and a general idea of how you are doing your Burner Festival. (see below)

RV Camping Burning Man
Photo Credit:

How will you do your Burner Experience

The following are options for your Burner experience:

  1. Volunteer – the festival needs approximately 2000 volunteers. This is a fun, behind the scenes Burner experience.
  2. The majority of people attending are part of planned, registered Theme Camps. The camps are where you will sleep and live. As well, they offer interactive experiences of art, entertainment or anything! The camps consist of 6 – 400 people and some camps combine to create villages.

Join a Camp: You can apply to join an already established theme camp, get all the details here.

Non-reservable option: If you do not want to join a registered camp there is a walk-in area. Space is limited so arrive early in the week to get a spot.

The Burner Festival is an epic RV adventure to cross off your bucket list. Enjoy all the comfort of home in your Adventure Touring RV rental! Start planning now for the Black Rock City Festival and experience the week of a lifetime!

For more RV Adventure tips at Black Rock City check out: Top Tips for RVing at the Burner Festival 2019, Burner Friendly RV Rentals Los Angeles and Preparing your Burner Friendly RV Rental

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