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Class C RV Rentals

Class C RVs are the most common type of RV. Class C RV’s are characterized by the large bed directly over the driver’s cabin. Class C’s are available in many sizes. I have seen them as small as 22’ and as larger are 35’. These motorhomes tend to sleep more people than a similar sized Class A as you get that extra bed over the driver. Most Class C RVs allow you to walk from the driver’s area into the cabin of the RV, but I have seen exceptions to this, so it is always good to ask before you rent the RV if this is important to you. This RV will tend to be a little easier to drive compared to a Class A motorhome because the wheelbase is much more similar to regular passenger vehicles. In the end, this is the most popular type of RV simply because of the extra sleeping space that it provides. Class C RV’s can be rented from almost any major city across the US including, Phoenix (PHX), Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD) San Francisco (SFO), Denver (DEN), Boston (BOS) Miami (MIA), Orlando (MCO), Ft Lauderdale (FLL) Las Vegas (LAS), RENO (RNO), New York City (NYC), Dallas (DFW), Salt Lake City (SLC), and Seattle (SEA).

3D rendering of a Class C RV, which are characterized by the large bed directly over the drivers cabin

Class A RV Rentals

Class A RV’s are characterized by the large flat front, similar to a bus. While Class A RV’s tend to be the longest of the RV’s available they also tend to sleep fewer people as there is no bed over the driver’s area of the RV. Class A RV’s also tend to be the most luxurious RV’s available, having more high-end features. These RV’s are usually over 28’ long and some can be as long as 45’. Driving a Class A RV will take a little practice as they drive a little differently than most vehicles. You will need to take corners wider than with most vehicles as Class A handles more like a bus. Any Class A RV that you find available for rent on this site will only require a standard driver’s license. Class A’s can be rented from Phoenix (PHX), Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Denver (DEN), Miami (MIA), Orlando (MCO), Las Vegas (LAS), RENO (RNO), New York City (NYC), Dallas (DFW), Salt Lake City (SLC), and Seattle (SEA).

The motorhome you choose is really a matter of preference, and how many people you need to accommodate in your rental.


Salt Lake City – Local Attractions

Visit the beautiful state of Utah and take in one of the spectacular drives, Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, Mirror Lake, Ogden River, or Provo Canyon each of which are sure to provide a day you and your family are sure to remember.

Take a tour of Temple Square. Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Temple Square offers amazing gardens, delicious restaurants, and many interesting historical sites. Guided tours and presentations are located across the 35 acres of Temple Square.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is committed to bringing attention to the endangered animals of our world. Their newest exhibit, Creatures of Habitat, features nine endangered species built out of Lego. The polar bear is the largest sculpture, taking over 1100 hours to build and using 95,000 Lego blocks to create. Be sure to visit Rocky Shores where you can visit polar bears, sea lions, seals, grizzly bears, otters, and bald eagles. The Asian Highlands is a re-creation of a Himalayan village showcasing 5 endangered Asian cat species or Elephant Encounter where you can see elephants and white rhinos.

Thanksgiving Point features the world’s largest dinosaur exhibit, with 60 complete skeleton displays. This attraction also has the largest manmade waterfall in the western hemisphere and a working farm that has a corn maze, horses, and pigs. What a great way to spend a day.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a treasure hidden behind businesses and houses in downtown Salt Lake City. This secret garden has recently become a public park but is even a surprise to some locals who stumble upon it. This garden has 12 original sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with poems and literary texts.

The Tracy Aviary is open 363 days a year and offers year-round exhibits, bird shows, and educational experiences. Meet macaws, pelicans, and condors just to name a few. Ask questions of the bird keepers and learn everything you ever wanted to know about birds.

Visit Wheeler Historic Farm. Take a tractor-drawn wagon ride around the farm, visit the horses, pigs, cows, and sheep, and feed the ducks and geese. Take a tour of the Victorian farmhouse which began construction in 1896. You can even try your hand at milking a cow. What a great thing to do while you are visiting Salt Lake City.

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