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Articles for ‘Weather / Climate’

Heading South for Warm Weather Camping

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Some people get the winter blues or February blahs, I always get itchy spring feet. I can’t wait to go camping and yet it’s still a bit cold in the north for me to brave the cool winter-moving-into-spring weather. Perhaps investing in some warmer winter sleep gear is needed, but sometimes heading out on the road for an adventure to warmer climates is what’s on the menu.

Understandably, warm-winter camping is found mainly in the southern side of the states. So treat yourself to some warm-winter camping and give yourself a thaw.

Beaches, sunshine and fun times all along the 1100-mile-long coast of California. With so many options to camp where do you start? The first stop would be a book store to pick up this little gem: California Coastal Commission’s California Coastal Access Guide. “With up-to-date maps and information, it is an invaluable travel guide for all coastal visitors—beachgoers, hikers, campers, swimmers, divers, surfers, anglers, and boaters—detailing where to go, how to get there, and what facilities and environment to expect.” If you miss picking up the book, here are a few sites not to be missed:

Channel Islands National Park underwater shot

Channel Islands National Park or there are seven state parks between Gaviota and Point Mugu all just offshore from the glamour and glitz of Santa Barbara. Climate is mild year round and in the winter as many as 50,000 seals and sea lions can be viewed at protected breeding grounds. For more information:

Leo Carillo State Beach

Leo Carillo State Beach is 25 miles up the coast from Santa Monica along highway 1 and offers 1.5 miles of beach, tide pools, caves and reefs to explore. Giant Sycamore trees line the stream-bottomed canyon and provide shade for the campground. For more information:


Camping on Cumberland Island National Seashore
Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia is only accessible by ferry but offers 17 miles of clean sand beaches, nearly 20,000 acres for exploring and features saltwater marshes, freshwater ponds, moss-covered forests and massive dunes. For more information:

The Natchez Trace Walking Trail, Mississippi/Tennessee

The Natchez Trace, Mississippi/Tennessee whose ancient game trail originally connected southern portions of the Mississippi River to central Tennessee salt licks. There are more than 400 miles of protected trail. There are no reservations and no fees to camp here. For more information:


Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park named for pioneer Erastus Snow is a bit off the beaten path but well worth the travel to see the views. For more information:

ATVing in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is a bit higher in elevation, however, is well worth the cooler weather if you are an 4WD or ATV fanatic. And of course, the pink sand. For more information:


Boulder Bay, Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona/Nevada. There are just so many options to choose from between Lake Mead and Lake Mohave but a favorite is Boulder Bay. Three of America’s four desert ecosystems — the Mojave, the Great Basin, and the Sonoran Desert — meet here. For more information:

Arial view of the Big Bend

Big Bend National Park, Texas is on the Mexican border, where Rio Grande makes its “big bend” and is well worth the effort to travel here to experience with 800,000 acres to explore. For more information:

So get out there and explore the adventures of winter camping in an RV today.

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Los Angeles Weather / Climate

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

The weather in Los Angeles often catches its visitors by surprise. The closer you get to the ocean, the cooler temperatures will be. Travel inland and you’ll feel the heat rise. In general, winter is mild and wet and summer is mildly hot and humid. Summer and fall are the best times to visit LA if you’re seeking out the California heat. Summer and fall are also the peak tourist seasons, so if you can handle a Los Angeles winter, you’ll reap the benefits of a more peaceful and affordable RV rental vacation in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has a reputation for being covered in smog. Nowadays, the smog in Los Angeles isn’t much different than any other city in the United States. The city has put forth a lot of effort to reduce smog over the last thirty years and air quality has improved drastically. For the cleanest air, take your Los Angeles RV rental anywhere along the coastline. After all, isn’t that what going to California is all about?

Los Angeles, California, weather forecast

Winter in Los Angeles

  • Average Winter High: 53.3°F (11.8°C)
  • Average Winter Low: 49.5°F (9.7°C)

What’s winter like in Los Angeles? It is extremely rare for Los Angeles to receive snow. Los Angeles winters consist mainly of rain. Rainfall in LA is 11.43 inches annually. The skies clear up beautifully when the rain stops.

What should I pack? Bring water repellent items such as umbrellas, rubber boots, and rain jackets. A few sweaters and a coat would also be a good idea. Since the winter season tends to misbehave in Los Angeles, you should bring some light attire or layers for when the sun shines.

Spring in Los Angeles

  • Average Spring High: 72.3°F (22.4°C)
  • Average Spring Low: 54.7°F (12.6°C)

What’s spring like in Los Angeles? The weather during winter sometimes blends into spring in Los Angeles. So, expect some rain and a little cold. For the most part, springtime is relatively sunny and brings less rain than winter. It may get a tad foggy. Spring is a very beautiful season for Los Angeles because of all the blooms.

What should I pack? Rain gear and mid to lightweight clothing/attire. Layerable clothing works well for both spring and winter.

Summer in Los Angeles

  • Average Summer High: 83.8°F (28.8°C)
  • Average Summer Low: 56.2°F (13.4°C)

What’s summer like in Los Angeles? Warm. Go to the beach to cool off. The temperature is noticeably cooler the closer you get to the ocean during the summer months. Los Angeles can get fairly smoggy in the summer but there are plenty of days filled with very clear skies as well. Evenings sometimes cool down depending on the fog.

What should I pack? Lightweight clothing/attire (shorts, sandals, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen) and a few warmer items (in case the evenings cool down).

Fall in Los Angeles

  • Average Fall High: 78.3°F (25.7°C)
  • Average Fall Low: 59.3°F (15.2°C)

What’s fall like in Los Angeles? Fall is most likely the favorite season of the year for LA locals. The temperature is usually not too hot, not too cold, and the skies are clear. Late fall is the prelude to winter so it will rain and cool off somewhere around the month of November.

What should I pack? Bring both light and mid-weight clothing that are suitable for layering. Your summer clothing is still an option. Rain gear may also be required. So, basically, bring a little bit of everything without bringing anything too heavy.