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Kids at the Burner Festival

The folks responsible for planning the Burner Festival have put in a lot of effort to make sure you are prepared to bring your children. They have written up a Family Survival guide so that you have considered everything before you decide to bring your child.

Your children are welcome at the event, they are the future of this event. The event planners feel that in order for you to properly take care of your children you should have attended the event with only adults first. This way you will know what to expect and what changes you will need to make and extra things you will need to bring when you visit the Playa again with your children.

Dehydration is the biggest problem with kids on the Playa. Make sure that your kids get lots to drink. They also need to have their electrolytes replaces, so in addition to plain water offer your children coconut water or diluted sports drinks. The first sign that your child may be dehydrated may be a cranky child, as dehydration gets more serious your child will get lethargic and listless, seek help.

Wide brim hats, long sleeve light clothing, goggles and some sort of face masks (bandanas work well) to keep your kids covered during a dust storm are a must. You will need to carry these things with you at all times as you never know where you will be when a storm hits. The best place to be is inside if you can. If you have rented an RV go inside (an RV is also helpful to cool kids off if they get too hot). If you do not have an RV, inside your car is the next best place.

Of course, you will want to take every precaution to make sure your kids do not get separated from you, but you will want to be prepared if they do. You can buy ID tags and put your camp address on them and attach them to your kids. For older kids teach your kid their camp address and markers around your camp. Lost children are taken very seriously so alert the Black Rock City Rangers as soon as possible. Make friends with your neighbors, remember the festival is a community, an extra set of eyes on your kids always helpful.

Most things go for everyone attending, they just go double for kids. Remember you are there to have fun. Kids are pretty adaptable, if you are relaxed they will feel that and relax too.

Now that you are ready to take your kids, let us help you book your Burner Friendly RV rental.