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A Luxury Trip to LA

Traveling to any big city can be glamorous, but LA is the epitome of glamour, with something for all ages. Whatever you’re in the mood for, LA has numerous options. If you’re on a road trip and Los Angeles (LA) is on your list of places to go, why not check out our luxury RVs.

Whether you’re getting dressed up and exploring the city’s nightlife or visiting the iconic sights, this City of Stories is sure to leave an impression. Travel in style and stop at a few of these must-see places to add a bit of extra luxury to your RV trip.


Cruise Along Mulholland

If you’re on a luxury RV road trip, there’s no better road to experience then Mulholland Drive. Located in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California, this drive is one of the most iconic in America. Inspiring numerous films and songs, this stretch of road is said to hold the history of Hollywood.

With incredible views of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley, there’s no better way to explore the area.

Photo credit: Richard Nilsen


The Hollywood Sign

A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Hollywood sign. There’s something truly magical about seeing the letters up close. It’s as if you’re gazing upon the history of glamour itself, so why not take the RV and see it in style.


Take a Side Trip to Santa Monica

The pier, the beach, the people, and the luxury, all in one place. LA’s beachside city offers endless entertainment, with over one hundred street murals, numerous museums, and world-class shopping.

Santa Monica seaside city beach via luxury trip through LA


Tour a trio of Cultural Treasures

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and the Botanical Gardens is a world-renowned collection of galleries, gardens, and exhibitions. With over 750 000 visitors each year, this trio is a destination in itself. From scenic wondering to active learning, there is something for everyone.

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USA RV Rentals

USA RV Rentals

Rent an RV from a nearby recreational vehicle rental location, and head to the hills.

Yes! Renting a motor home will give you the opportunity to mastermind your dream vacation.  Traveling in an RV rental is the perfect way to experience all that the outdoors of North America has to offer from the comfort of a home that travels with you. When traveling in an RV, you can experience all the joys, sights, and activities that the wilderness possesses without being at the mercy of bugs, the weather, and traveling without a flush toilet.

With renting a motor home in the States, you will save money on lodgings and food, as you are able to sleep comfortably in a luxurious bed and cook home-cooked meals, saving a ton of money on hotel and restaurant bills.

Control, flexibility, savings, and convenience; is it any reason why more and more people are choosing to rent a recreational vehicle on their USA based vacation this year?

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